September 29, 2017
6 days left
until the event.
Welcome to St. Joan of Arc's 2017 Color Walk.  The annual 3K Color Walk is one of the school’s biggest fundraiser - and it is the only one driven by the students.  All money raised goes directly to the School.  

To register, complete "Step 1 - Register" to fill in student information, select a tee-shirt size, sign the waiver, and indicate how you would like to pay.  If paying by credit/debit card, you can complete the registration online at "Step 2 - Pay by CC".  There is also an option if a student cannot participate at "Nonparticipant Regis".  

Every student will have his/her own fundraising page - so each student has to be registered individually.  Once registered, you can start collecting donations!  Please note the grey Login/Logout button in the upper right hand corner for use once you have registered.  Good Luck!

*To make a Color Walk donation to a student's fundraising drive, please use the student's custom URL.    

Thank you for supporting St. Joan of Arc School.